There’s No Babble, Quite Like Brand Babble

The health of your brand and it’s ability to underwrite the success of your business objectives is paramount. However, if ever there was an opportunity to torture the English language while burying clients in a jargon laced cloud of obfuscation, all in pursuit of business objectives, then practitioners of the Business of Brand Building have to be at the top of the list. Let’s not go there. We won’t do that to you. Agreed?

Brand development is critical to the success of your business and hard work but, it is not a thing apart. Not something unique or arcane –  foreign to the rest of your business. It is part and parcel of the daily activities that make your business a success. It is the foundation. Every sale you close develops your brand. Every marketing campaign you execute is a branding exercise. Every customer interaction is a both a branding opportunity and blessing. Your brand concept may seem ephemeral but, it is rooted in the tangible aspect of the every day and can be built not only to stand the test of time but, keep pace with time itself.

And how do you know if your brand is developing correctly? Well, for one, you’re selling more products and services all the time. Your retention and your new customer acquisition rates are consistently high. You are continually and consistently meeting the expectations of the marketplace.

So, how does Squid Ink Productions maintain and develop their brands?

We start by:

  1. Not losing sight of who you already are and what has brought you to this point. Every business has a set of core strengths. They also have a set of core weaknesses. That’s the truth. We deal with it. This is the foundation your brand is built on and it is where we start.
  2. Not losing sight of what Squid Ink Productions actually brings to the table. In service to your brand our core strengths are strategic brand planning, print & digital marketing development, design & creative services. We won’t sell what we don’t do. Promise.

Together, we can shore up your existing branding efforts, craft high value campaigns to further develop your brand, identify opportunities in the marketplace that your brand may grow into and execute this all with purpose and professionalism.


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