Print Media Earns It’s Keep

In this, the Digital Age, who needs print sales and marketing materials anyway?

Well, that would be you! Print media plays a central role in well crafted sales, promotional and brand awareness campaigns. Combined with smart online efforts, high quality print media extends your brands reach, driving customer engagement and subsequent business transactions.

So, what do your print sales & marketing materials tell prospective customers about your business? About the quality of your products and services? About the experience they should expect when doing business with you? About the intrinsic value of engaging with your brand?

Your printed materials must confirm, to the prospect, the best outcomes to each of these questions. They must consistently extend your brand messaging.  They must compliment & complete the marketing/sales cycle often begun on your digital platforms.

With over 30 years of print media experience Squid Ink Productions will help you build the optimal print portfolio. We will ensure your printed products fulfill their defined objectives and that they are created right the first time.

Our printing services include the production of the “basics” (letterhead, business cards, brochures) trade show and promotional materials, press kits, and packaging. We have specialty lines for hospitality and outdoor event clients: Menus, banners, table tents, vehicle wraps, branded apparel, signs, chachkies galore, gift card holders and certificates and more.

Additionally, we understand that print media does not stand alone in your marketing mix. Our staff can help you craft marketing campaigns that make the most of your print media in todays multi-channel environment.

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